Team Spotlight: Principal Designer, Chris Macksey of Topher Mack Floral & Events

Christopher Macksey, Principal Designer of event firm Topher Mack Floral & Events in Atlanta, GeorgiaTopher Mack Floral & Events (TM) is an Atlanta based full-service floral and event design firm that stands behind the mission of doing what we love, with people that we love, for people that we love.   That love for floral and special events bloomed early for Topher Mack owner, Christopher Macksey, who spent his youth in the garden with his mother and grandmothers and his teenage years working as a florist.  Departing from the traditional path of a college degree, Macksey followed a direct path toward his passion by pursuing floral design full time. In his early career, Macksey blossomed on the Jersey Shore doing container gardens, created fresh flowers for summer homes on the beach, and worked at a floral shop that specialized in funeral and weddings before moving to New York.  

In addition to beautifully designed weddings and social events that took place at landmark NYC properties, Macksey did floral styling for Bergdorf Goodman photoshoots, posh Manhattan hotels, and flagship stores on 5th Avenue.  He was also earned the opportunity to make his boyish dreams come true by styling flowers for THE QUEEN…and by Queen, of course, I mean Madonna.

Centerpiece Ideas from Atlanta's Topher Mack Floral & EventsLured by the Southern hospitality, Macksey moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began managing the floral department for one of the peach state’s well-known design companies.  He transitioned to design sales for nine years producing a mix of weddings, social, non-profit, corporate, and celebrity events before starting his own company, Topher Mack Floral & Events in 2017.  Macksey humbly attributes his success to the great perspective he received by working in all phases of the floral and design industry. This type of work ethic is what rapper Drake meant when he said: “started from the bottom and now my whole team is here”.

Top Floral Designers of the South- Christopher Macksey of Atlanta's Topher Mack Floral & EventsTeam Topher Mack, under the leadership of Christopher Macksey, is comprised of award-winning floral and event designers whose combination of experience, mastery of craft, and natural talent allows their client’s vision of their special day to bloom and prosper right before their eyes.  Luxury is in each detail, but so is love. According to Macksey, “When you love what you do, who you do it with, and who you do it for, it’s easy to feel and see the love that is put into each event.

Photographers: Jack Parada Photography & Terri Nash Photography

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